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Rewatching Torchwood

Cried at the end of CotE.
Now I started MD and it's a bit funny how AHHH NO ONE DIES BOO HOO END OF THE WORLD.

Finished reading Paper Towns

And I was like


He was a paper boy
She said c ya l8er boy
He wasn't real enough for her
Now he's a college star
Slamming on his...
I ran out of ideas...


Cute book.

Life Serial

Upon watching season 6 and the gang telling Buffy she's broke, only one thing comes to mind, now that I'm an adult:
Willow and Tara, you both live in Buffy's house. Dawn is underage and useless. In all that time Buffy was dead, why... the fuck... did you not work and pay for its keeping??? How did you live? Where did you get food? Propery tax for this size of house is probably huge! And you know, after Buff got back and worked at CrappyMeal Palace... I work minimum wage... you can't support with it your sister and the lesbian couple living with you!!!
Like, what the fuck, guys. What do you do all day! This is some really annoying shit! Not getting roomate-of-the-year, that's for sure!

Dec. 13th, 2013

The editing is so so beautiful.


Life and TV

"You think I'm just a stupid fucking Israeli paratrooper who wants something, huh?"



Jul. 17th, 2013

Does anybody remember when Skins used to be good?

Merlin Finale


"I was browsing through Youtube
a man walks up to me and hands me the latest copyright act
Here's SOPA here's PIPA
man i'm not gonna let you censor me
WE THREW IT ON THA GRROOOOOUUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(some YouTube comment)